JENIFER BARTOSZEK Goddess, Author & Certified Dream Coach™

Welcome to the Website for Athena's Goddess, Author, Certified Sex Educator and Certified Dream Coach® Jenifer Bartoszek. I live my dream come true life.

I have been everywhere with Athena's Home Novelties. Just take a look:

In 2004, I joined Athena’s Home Novelties. Their Mission: To empower women down the path of sexual education in the safe, comfortable environment of their own homes by offering only the highest quality products presented by a trained Athena's Goddess. That mission evolved into my purpose.

When I started doing parties, I encountered many different women, and as many different views on the topic of sex. I learned how to present the subject to all types and comfort levels. So many people are still uncomfortable talking about sex and sexuality, even with their own partner. Those same people are more comfortable talking to me, a stranger, because I am considered a subject matter expert (or “Sexpert”) when I come into their home to present these types of products. I want to have those conversations with everyone.

So I decided to write a book about it.

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Jenifer Bartoszek
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